Brush Removal Contract Approved by Township Board

Brush Removal Contract Approved by 
Township Board

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township will be taking action to help clear the brush in resident's yards.

The storm that rolled through mid-Michigan, and put Meridian Township into a State of Emergency, at the end of the year left damaged and downed branches all across the township.

The Township Board addressed the issue at their last meeting.

"I would also point out that I believe we have already paid the bill for $5,000 for a contractor to remove the branches from our pathways, so this is now going to be allowing the residents to take the branches out of their yards and put them out near the road to be picked up by another contractor," said Township Board Trustee John Veenstra.

The time frame of the pick up program has still yet to be determined due to all the snow. Residents can drop off smaller branches at Wonch Park, Nancy Moore Park, or Applegate Park until the end of January.

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