ITC "Green Theme" Presentation at Environmental Commission Meeting


MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Cynthia Stump from ITC Corporation gave a presentation to the Environmental Commission regarding transmission lines and the way the company ensures preserving the land where the lines are placed. They have discovered that by clearing vegetation for the lines can actually bring a variety of animals back to that area.

"As we begin to clear underneath the transmission lines you start to see that native seed bed come back," said Cynthia Stump of ITC Corporation. "And we have actually found, and this is where we got Wildlife Habitat Council certified, is that you do have animals who weren't coming around before because it was so overgrown and so swampy and when you open it up it allows different light it allows different vegetation that brings back your turtles and brings back your turkeys and things that weren't there."

The commission had many questions about ITC that went unanswered, so Cynthia said she would direct them to ITC engineers and get back to them with the answers. The Environmental Commission also welcomes two new members and a new Vice Chair, Commissioner Moran.

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