Cornell Road Final Stages

Cornell Road Final Stages

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - If you're a frequent user of Cornell Road or just tired of seeing all of those bright, orange detour signs while you're driving, then get excited.

The Cornell Road Project is almost complete!

Bill Conklin, Managing Director of Ingham County Road Department, said, "It was long overdue. It was one of the three worst local roads in the township; one of the worst roads in the county. Period. And it was time to do it."

Conklin said the project would have been completed on Nov. 21, but bad storms set them back.

"But we're back on the project from having sent our people out to clean up trees and such that were down during the storm," Conklin said.

The road has been paved and marked and shouldering has been completed as well. However, there is still some work left to do.

"And for the next several days, we're going to be doing some backfilling behind the gutters and low shoulder areas and other low areas to eliminate any drop -offs off the edge of the new pavement," Conklin said.

Conklin said they expect to have the project done to the point that they can for this construction season by Wednesday, Nov. 27, right before Thanksgiving Day.

"I've had several residents express happiness with the project and gratitude that it's been done," said Conklin.

T.J. Waller, an Okemos resident, said, "Because we generally have pretty good road service around here, I believe they've done a pretty good job. It will be nice to see all the little signs that say 'Cornell Road Closed' coming down."

Although the signs will be coming down soon, Conklin said this isn't the end of working on Cornell Road.

He said they will need to come back for a couple weeks in April to complete restoration. However, they won't need to completely close the road to get the job done.

Limited work areas on Cornell will be under flag control this April.

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