Sponsors Needed for Holiday Food Basket Program

Sponsors Needed for Holiday Food Basket Program

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Community Resources Commission (CRC) is seeking sponsors for food baskets for the winter holidays.

Meridian Township has worked for several years with area agencies and individual sponsors to provide food baskets to households in need for Thanksgiving and December holidays. In 2012, 582 food baskets were distributed to low-income Meridian Township households; mainly to families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. This was a 49% increase from 2012, when 390 food baskets were distributed.

According to the U.S. Census, about 13%, or 5,000 people in Meridian Township live below the poverty level, and almost 3,000 people live below 50% of the poverty level.

“Many households will be lacking this holiday season and having to make choices between food, utilities, rent, or medication, and this is one way in which the community can reach out to our neighbors to help them enjoy what the rest of us often take for granted,” stated Suzanne Brouse, Chair of the Community Resources Commission.

Holiday basket sponsorship enrollment will continue until mid-December. For more information, contact Darla Jackson at 517-853-4204 or jackson@meridian.mi.us.

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