Haslett vs. Dewitt Playoff Football

Haslett vs. Dewitt Playoff Football

HASLETT - High School prep playoffs started Friday, Nov. 1 with Haslett traveling to Dewitt for a pre-division game.

The Haslett faithful greeted their team in Dewitt on the cold and rainy night. The muddy, wet field made play tough for both teams.

Haslett kept the ball on the ground in their first series. They moved the ball well but had to punt the ball to Dewitt.

The Viking defense forced Dewitt to punt but the ball sailed over the punters head setting up Haslett inside the 5 yard line.

Haslett would score 2 plays later on a run by Graham Riley. They missed the the extra point.
Dewitt would score twice in the second quarter and go into the locker room at the half with the lead.

The defenses dominated the second half with neither team allowing the other to score. Haslett had some chances to score but holding calls would ruin their efforts.
Dewitt would end up victorious and live on to face the Linden Eagles for the first round of the division playoffs.

Haslett High School head coach, Charlie Otlewski said, "I'm real proud of our seniors. we got a resilient group. They've been a tight knit group all the way through. We've had some kids move away and do some things but they stayed positive. They made the younger kids feel a part of it from the very beginning. I can't say enough about seniors and the kind of leadership that they gave us."

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