Haslett vs Dewitt Volleyball

Haslett vs Dewitt Volleyball

HASLETT - The Haslett Volleyball team didn’t look ready for Dewitt, coming out flat in the first game loosing 19 to 25.
In the second game Maria Kronner stepped up her attack with strong kills. This seemed to ignite the Vikings with Makenna Scott following with some hard hits of her own.

Haslett’s defense also stepped up their play making Dewitt earn every point.

Haslett kept up their daunting game with hard kills combined with soft shots that kept Dewitt off balance for the rest of the night.

Haslett easily took game two 25-14 and went on to defeat Dewitt in games 3 and 4, 25-20 and 25-22 completing the night with a solid performance over Dewitt.

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