Homeland Security Fire Grant

Homeland Security Fire Grant

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Recently Meridian Township has requested for aid in the Fire Department and if everything turns out, some new additions will be made.

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001 the United States has put forth a program called the Homeland Security Fire Grant. This allows for local fire departments across the country to try and obtain money in order to purchase new and necessary items to keep their department running smoothly. Currently Meridian Township is trying to acquire money through this program.

"The Federal Government has stepped in to help aid fire departments across the United States with federal dollars to help purchase firefighting equipment, EMS equipment, those types of things and that's what we're looking at." - Meridian Township Fire Chief, Fred Cowper

The program consists of a grant writing period which lasts thirty days. This is the period when fire departments are able to write their grant and make their case as to why they deserve the federal aid. This is currently the stage that Meridian Township is in. After that an approval phase will begin which can last anywhere from 3 months to a year. This program is something that Fire Chief Cowper is an advocate for.

"We understand that in 2017 it's supposed to go away, so we're hoping that our lawmakers are going to be positive and proactive and look at extending that so that those dollars are always going to be there for the fire service." - Chief Cowper

The grant does need approval from the Meridian Township Board because they are required to match ten percent of the money being sought out by the fire department. Meridian Township is seeking somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000, so this would require the board to make a donation of $25,000. This money is a resource that Cowper knows would be put to good use by Meridian Township Fire Departments.

Cowper also mentions that grants like these can be very beneficial to everyone in the community as they are able to provide new equipment without taking hard earned dollars from residents by taxing them.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Tune in to Meridian Magazine on Monday August, 8th to see how a Homeland Security Fire Grant is helping Meridian Township!

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