2014 Township Recommended Budget

2014 Township Recommended Budget

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the Township Board regular Budget Deliberation meeting on Tuesday, September 10th the Board reviewed the Meridian Township 2014 Recommended Budget.

Township Manager Frank Walsh gave a presentation summarizing the recommended budget that would begin on January 1st, 2014.

The presentation included discussion on the fund balance of the General Fund, capital expenditure projects, police and fire expenditures, local roads fund budget, motor pool purchases, millage rates and property tax revenue, increases in pension legacy costs, water and sewer cash, rate comparisons and projects.

The Board felt enough detail was given during the presentation that the Budget Deliberations meeting scheduled for September 24th was not necessary.

The key points included:
- Legacy costs continue to pose a serious financial challenge.
- Scaled-back Motor Pool expenses should allow the Township to pay cash for a new ambulance in 2015.
- Reducing the Township vehicle fleet.
- 1% across-the-board employee increase is provided.
- The 2014 Draft Budget will maintain a solid financial position for the Township.

Each board member commended the efforts of the Meridian Township team in putting the budget together and complimented Manager Walsh on his presentation.

Toward the end of the presentation, Manager Walsh announced what he called an out of the box idea for the board to consider, “…that any tax increase revenue that we bring in beyond what we are projecting, I’d like to see that returned on a per capita basis to each employee so everyone would get the same amount.”

In response, Treasurer Julie Brixie stated that she has sat through 14 Meridian Township budget presentations, attesting to the difficulty of putting a budget together. “I want to compliment you being able to come up with an increase for employees who made so many sacrifices over the years.”

Additional Resources
The public hearing for 2014 Recommended Budget will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 1st. Both the PowerPoint presentation and the 2014 Recommended Budget can be found online on the Township website.

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