Meet The Spartans

Meet The Spartans

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Spartan Football is ready to get underway, and the team greeted their fans at their annual meet the spartans event held at Spartan Stadium.

"Well it's actually really nice, there are people everywhere, of course a lot of kids," said Spartan fan Andrea Burton. "A lot of huge Spartan fans. The vendors are having a good time, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves."

Burton says there were a lot of opportunities to be taken advantage of at the event.

"They've got just a few other vendors, they've got a punt pass and kick station set up," she said. "Of course Sparty has a huge crowd around him."

She also had a chance to talk to her favorite group of players.

"I spoke to a couple of the defensive players, it seems like the offensive line is a little bit lonely right now, but I'm a defensive person so I was happy to sneak in and talk to a few of those guys," she said.

The event allowed long-time Spartan fans to see their heroes, and served as an initiation for news fans like Burton.

"I'm a new Spartna fan, I moved here from Colorado Springs, because my husband took a position at Michigan State. So I do love Big Ten Football, so we're looking forward to you know the atmosphere and a much larger athletic setting."

The Spartans opened their season in East Lansing, Friday with a win against the Western Michigan Broncos. Their next game is this Saturday against Youngstown State.

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