Moving Out: Statistics in Meridian Township

Moving Out: Statistics in Meridian 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - "The market truly has come back," said Bill MacLeod, the president of Coldwell Banker Hubell BriarWood. "Just like people didn't recognize the market was going down in 2005, they didn't recognize the market was coming back in 2012."

And home buyers and sellers can be a little intimidated, Steve Letavish, a Meridian Township resident who just recently sold his own home said, "Actually scared to death going into the housing market you know you've heard so much about real estate and how poorly things were selling. When we listed the house, the first day we had five showings and four offers, so it was quite remarkable far faster than I had ever imagined.

Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood reports that in Okemos, the market times for houses are 45 days less than last year at this time and that the average sold price is up 11%.

"East Lansing and Haslett, their numbers actually show a slight decrease, now Okemos on the other hand has shown a about a 10% increase in values, now anyone who's following these numbers comes to a conclusion that East Lansing and Haslett are losing value and Okemos is not, I'm not sure that's actually true," said MacLeod.

According to the report, Haslett's average sold price is down 6% from this time last year, but MacLeod says construction may have caused the decrease and believes that it won't last for long.

"When you're buying new construction, you're buying a higher price range. Now your price range sales brings up the average and I think it's a temporary situation for East Lansing and Haslett, it's more reflective of specifically what people chose to buy," said MacLeod. "Everything looks very positive in Meridian Township, very positive right now, it's good that there's new construction, for a long time there was very little of it."

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