Drowning Prevention

Drowning Prevention

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Warm weather could mean more time in the water and a higher risk of drowning. Drowning is ranked #2 cause of death for kids under the age of 15.

Vern Elliott, a Lieutenant at the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, said young kids face the most danger due to their inadequate swimming capabilities and lesser awareness.

Lieutenant Elliott also says the most dangerous aspect of drowning is how its portrayal differs from the real-life event.

"The most important thing to remember is drowning is a quiet event," Lieutenant Elliott said. "It's not like it's portrayed a lot in TV and movies. There's not a lot of splashing, there's not a lot of yelling for help. The victim is drowning because they don't have any air in their lungs. If they don't have any air in their lungs."

Lieutenant also added that parents shouldn't rely on arm-floaties to ensure their child's safety, and that they should instead use an actual life-jacket.

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