Master Plan Goals and Objectives

Master Plan Goals and Objectives

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Master Plan, a document that outlines public land use policy for Meridian Township was adopted in 2005. Now, parts of the plan are being updated.

Mark Kieselbach, Director of Community Planning and Development for Meridian Township said, "The purpose is a long-term guide for the community. It’s supposed to be a snapshot of what we have now, and where we would like to be, whether it’s five years from now, 10 years from now, or 20 years, and then how are we going to plan for it.”

The Goals and Objectives chapter, which is currently being revised, lists maintaining and expanding a diverse parks system, preserving and strengthening residential neighborhoods, and preserving open space and natural areas as aims of the township.

Before a chapter in the Master Plan can be amended, it must go through an approval process that involves the Planning Commission, the Township Board and the public.

The Board discussed the Master Plan at its June 18 meeting, and is expected to revisit the topic at an upcoming meeting.

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