Athletes and Heat Exhaustion

Athletes and Heat Exhaustion

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With the hot weather finally coming around, Justin Grinnell is hoping people take the necessary steps to avoid heat exhaustion

"Um, just general health is really gonna be an indicator. If you're eating correctly, a balanced diet, if you're staying hydrated for the most time, that's gonna be a big thing that you'll wanna do on a daily basis anyway, but that's gonna be a big indicator to where you're gonna have heat exhaustion or not," said Justin Grinnel, State of Fitness Trainer.

Grinnell, a trainer at my state of fitness, says you should play it safe if you think you're suffering from heat exhaustion.

"Just call an authority, you know. Call, you know, a fire fighter, police, you know, ambulance, and just get someone there. You know, most of the time, everything's OK. They'll get some fluids back in you. You know, making sure you get hydrated. Get the electrolyte balance back in."

Justin Grinnell says that while you shouldn't completely let the Summer heat deter you from working out outdoors, you should take extra precautions. One of the biggest keys according to Grinnell, 'pace yourself.

"What I mean by that is 'say you're gonna run, you want to work up to 5 miles. Well, start, in the hotter weather, a mile. And then next time, go a little bit further, etc. until yu get to your goal. Don't just jump out of the gates and say 'Well, it's 90 degrees out, I'm gonna run my usual 5 miles."

"When I was a kid, I used to get it pretty often, from playing basketball or any other outdoor activities. So, I've kind of taken the steps to prevent that nowadays," said Ian Martin, MSU Student & avid runner.

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