Conner McCowan Denied Bond

Conner McCowan Denied Bond

EAST LANSING - Nineteen year-old Conner McCowan appeared in Ingham County's 30th Judicial Circuit Court on Tuesday, June 18th for his pre trial and motion to request bond reduction.

McCowan will be facing charges for fatally stabbing 23 year-old Michigan State University student, Andrew Singler, after a heated exchange of text messages in February of this year.

"The defendant stabbed Andrew at least two times, once directly in the heart," said Ingham County Assistant Prosecutor, John Dewane.

The court heard testimonies from Conner's father, Randy Singler, and family friend and employer of Conner, David Jordan, who, if necessary, will help fund his defense.

Randy McCowan stated he personally knew Andrew Singler, who dated his daughter Shay McCowan for a year and a half, saying, "We were very close, he was like a son to me as well, I miss him very much."

Singler's mother was also in court that day to express her thoughts saying it would devastate her if McCowan were to receive bond.

"My son is not here to be free anywhere, he's dead, and I don't believe that Conner should be able to have the that freedom my son doesn't have," said Janis Singler.

Judge Canady made his decision after saying there is question of Conner McCowan's likeliness to flee if he were granted bond.

"I can't raise to clear convincing evidence as the courtroom says that I'd have to find by clear and convincing evidence that he's not likely to flee," said Judge Canady.
"So at this time for the reasons stated on the record, the court will deny the bond."" ยป

Chris Bergstrom, Conner McCowan's defense attorney requested that Judge Canady set a bond of $100,000 so that Conner may continue to work.

Judge Canady will hear pleas to reduce charges up through the date of the final pre trial which is scheduled for August 13th at 2 p.m.

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