St. Martha Church Special Use Permit

St. Martha Church Special Use Permit

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A church on Grand River Avenue is asking Meridian Township for more room to grow.

The request comes from St. Martha Parish in the form of a special use permit. If approved, the permit will allow the church to expand its current structure by more than 50,000 square feet.

Outdated portable classrooms, the lack of recreational space and a tight parish hall are among the reasons for revamping the church with the expansion project. The addition will also accommodate a gymnasium and locker rooms, a library, a teacher’s lounge and a service kitchen.

The St. Martha Church special use permit was discussed at the Meridian Township Board meeting June 4, and trustees informally supported the permit.

Elizabeth LeGoff, Meridian Township supervisor said the project bodes well for the area.

“It certainly does signal growth. It shows that St. Martha’s Parish is expanding. That sounds very good for the township because, of course, the township had increased in residents in the last census,” LeGoff said.

The board is expected to vote on the special use permit for St. Martha Church at its June 18 meeting.

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