Scald Danger and Prevention

Scald Danger and Prevention

UPDATE: LANSING - There are things you can do in your home to prevent scalding injuries. Start by making sure your hot water heater isn’t turned up all of the way. If it is, turn it down to about 110 degrees.

Scalds can occur very quickly and don’t always look as bad as they could possibly be.

“It can have different degrees of penetration into the skin,” Fire Inspector Mark Hornberger explains. “So even if you get a scald… it gets red and it looks like a sunburn, it could still be a deeper burn, a much more serious burn.”

Scalding is especially dangerous for children, for whom a scald can affect a large area of the body, and the elderly.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Most of us have heard of scalding hot water, yet it’s a danger some of us forget about.

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