The Record Lounge

The Record Lounge

UPDATE: EAST LANSING - A local record shop is making its mark in East Lansing despite the popularity of electronic downloading.

The Record Lounge has just celebrated its fifth anniversary on Division Street selling everything from vinyl and tapes, to t-shirts and posters. Although the store is small, it packs in music memorabilia, information on upcoming shows, and even small concerts on select days.

Heather Frarey, owner of The Record Lounge says even in the age of iTunes and Spotify, business is still thriving.

"I've always been in this business. I've worked in a record shop for 26 years almost, and it was in the back of my mind to always have a shop, and I got a chance and went for it and luckily it took off," Frarey said.

Whether you're looking for classic vinyl artists like Led Zeppelin or even newer artists like Kendrick Lamar, The Record Lounge has it all.

ORIGINAL STORY: EAST LANSING - Watch HOM Entertainment to see which local record shop is celebrating its fifth year doing business in East Lansing!

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