Summer Employment Tips

Summer Employment Tips

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In Michigan’s current economic state residents are having a hard time seeking employment, long behold students who have graduated. Susie Skowronek is one of the many students looking for work. A journalism major is looking for a job in print news. Skowronek browses several websites daily looking for openings like many job seekers do.

Kate Tykocki Chief Communications Officer at Michigan works says
"In this labor market everything matters, so how you present yourself digitally, to how you present yourself through resumes and cover letter to how you present yourself through interviews and networking."

Coffee and Friends a local business is hiring for the summer. General Manager Rebeka Hosford offered some advice on Characteristics that are good for anyone who is seeking a part-time,full-time or even temporary summer job.

Hosford says "Its important to know how to act and behave around costumers and how to engage them as well,"

With the state of Michigan being in a recession its hard for individuals who are seeking employment to stay optimistic.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - So what do employers look for? What websites are useful in helping with a job search all those answers and more can be found on Meridian Magazine every Monday at 6pm Check out my story to find out more!

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