Township Sees Growth in Diversity

Township Sees Growth in Diversity

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Lynn Lin moved from Bejing, China to Okemos, Mich. in 2009, where she now lives with a host family.

They just treat me like a daughter and they are so welcoming and warm," Lin said.

Lin came to Michigan to get her master's degree from Michigan State University.

"I chose Michigan State for master's degree in human resources, and actually human resources program in Michigan is top two program in the U.S.," she said. "So that's why I wanted to choose Michigan State."

And Lin isn't alone in her choice. The most recent census data from 2010 shows the asian population in the township has, in fact, nearly doubled from 10 years ago.

As more international students move to the area, there are efforts now to help them assimilate and transition into the culture.

"I know it's really difficult for people if they want to transition into a resident," Linn said.

That's where the Global Initiative comes in.

"I think Meridian Township saw the numbers of, especially Chinese students, was growing so quickly," said Peter Briggs, director of MSU's Office of International Students.

Briggs said in 2005, MSU had 43 Chinese undergraduate students. This past fall semester, MSU had nearly 3,000 Chinese undergraduate students enrolled.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township's population is evolving and growing as more minorities and international students have started calling the township home. There are continuing efforts now to welcome in and foster relationships with these individuals.

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