Tree Farms

Tree Farms

UPDATE: MASON - For many people, getting their Christmas tree is a hallmark of the holiday season. Tannenbaum Farms in Mason is one of the many tree farms in the greater Lansing area.

Tucked away in the woods is a quaint cabin already decorated for the holidays. They have plenty of wood for winter warmth, and a lake nearby to add to the scenery.

They also have an interesting landscape…thousands of Christmas trees.

This is Tannenbaum Farms in Mason, where families visit annually to buy their Christmas trees.

"We view ourselves as a destination where you can have a good experience in getting a tree that is very family and group oriented," said Mel Koelling, owner of Tannenbaum Farms.

Koelling believes all people, young and old, enjoy getting their tree.

"Getting the tree is a very significant part of having a Christmas tree. One puts it in their house, and we kind of pride ourselves that in the process of getting that tree, the whole family was involved," Koelling said.

Whether you're looking for a large tree, or a baby, don't underestimate what it takes to grow a decorative Christmas tree.

"It takes on average, eight to nine, up to 10 years to get the eight-foot, nine-foot tree we're trying to produce," Koelling said.

But being in the holiday business means more than just trees for the workers at Tannenbaum Farms.

"We take people back on the tractor, and take a ride back to the concession stand. And we have a reindeer back there and the little kids like that quite a bit," said Jason Darling, a manager at Tannenbaum Farms.

"We don't charge for any of our wagon rides, concession stand, bonfires, or Santa Claus visits," Koelling said.

For Koelling, it's more about the memories, than the business.

"The cold weather, the wagon ride, the visits we had, the Santa Claus things, the pictures we took, the difficulties or the fun that we had all to be a part of Christmas," Koelling said.

Tannenbaum Farms will be selling trees through Christmas Eve.

ORIGINAL STORY: MASON - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Tannenbaum Farms in Mason! Watch Changing Seasons to see what they have to offer for the holidays.

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