Winter Heating Assistance

Winter Heating Assistance

UPDATE: LANSING - Chris Thelen, a representative for Consumers Energy spoke to the seniors during lunch to discuss ways to save energy in the home.

"A lot of the home electronics today are using electricity even though they are not turned on so having a power strip for example, you can turn that on and off when you are not using a lot of the small gadgets," said Thelen.

Pattie Bass, a visitor of the Meridian Senior Center said, "I do a lot of shredding, and I was leaving that plugged in only to turn it on when I needed so I fixed it so I can just switch it off and on."

Thelen also recommended turning the heat down instead of off during the harsh months.

"The furnace is probably the one target area that you can look at, keeping the furnace filter clean, dialing down the thermostat a degree or two will save you a little bit of money there, and making sure the ducts are clean. And making sure the ducts are clean, keeping them clear so the heat can flow through the home," said Thelen.

Thelen said the biggest way to save money on your bill is by energy efficiency and to contact Consumers Energy if you need assistance heating your home.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Chris Thelen of Consumers Energy made a visit to the Meridian Senior Center. Find out on the next Senior Living the one area he said to target in your home that will save the most amount of money on your energy bill.

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