MSU vs. Northwestern Football

MSU vs. Northwestern Football

UPDATE: EAST LANSING - Mistakes came early for the Spartans as they quickly turned the ball over in their own end zone. Northwestern would score first with a field goal, making it 3-0. MSU would pick up the tempo when Le'Veon Bell rushed for a first down near the Wildcat's 30 yard line.

After, a pass to Dion Sims, but then MSU's William Gholston would answer their field goal with a safety in the Wildcat's end zone putting the Spartans down by only a point, the score now 3-2 with just under three minutes left in the first quarter. Dan Conroy would kick it through for three, giving the Spartans their first lead of the game.

But then the cats went wild and Northwestern scored back to back on a field goal and an interception return from Northwestern's David Nwabuisi.

The Wildcats now up by eight points at the start of the second half.

The momentum would momentarily shift back in the Spartans' favor, teasing the fans, as Keith Mumphrey grabs one for a first down. Then a 15 yard pass from Andrew Maxwell to true freshman Aaron Burbridge tying the game at 13 points a piece.

Next, a pass from Kain Colter to Kevin Muma would plunge the Wildcats down the field. Two back to back rushes from Dan Vitale would put them in scoring position. Then Northwestern's slot back Tim Riley would answer that with a six yard touchdown pass from Kain Colter putting the Wildcats back in control.

Northwestern now leads 20-13.

Aside from more turnovers from the Spartans, not much action until half way through the fourth quarter.

Maxwell fires a quick six-yard pass to wide receiver Tony Lippett for a touchdown.But the Wilddcats would come out on top, breaking the tie and the last bit of hope Spartan fans had watching their last home-game in Spartan Stadium this year.

Northwestern wins 23-20.

ORIGINAL STORY: EAST LANSING - Tune in to All Access Sports and Meridian Magazine to see how Northwestern defeated the Spartans on their home field!

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