New Part-Time Firefighters

New Part-Time Firefighters

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - This year's new part-time firefighters have proven to be a necessity and a benefit for the township. Fire Chief, Fred Cowper, mentioned in an interview that the call volume the Meridian Township Fire Department has received this year has already outnumbered the calls from 2008. Approximately 1,000 more calls have been made, and so the part-time firemen and firewomen have definitely helped the deparment response times.

Cowper says that despite being in an economically tough environment, the hiring pool has proven to be impressive. With the bad also comes the good, and Meridian has definitely gained some skilled part-timers.

Part-time firefighters are also potential candidates for career positions within the fire department if spots open up in the future.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Find out how and when new part-time firefighters are contributing to Meridian Township! Watch Meridian Magazine!

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