HUD Sustainability Update

HUD Sustainability Update

UPDATE: LANSING - Over the next three years, the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability will change the region through a series of projects.

The Executive Director for the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition, Katherine Draper, said "What we want to see is an inclusive community where there is opportunity for all different classes of people to live".

In the fall of 2011, the Tri-Country Regional Planning Commission was awarded a $3 million grant to implement these sustainable regional planning efforts in the Tri-County Region.One particular planning project is focusing on a demonstration corridor that will serve as the testing grounds for sustainable development in the rest of the region.

There will be more sustainable buildings, more accessible pathways for bikers and pedestrians and cleaner water resources. All of the project leaders are looking for the community to get involved to help create a livable and prosperous future. So, if you would like to get involved, go to Tri-County Regional Planning Commission's website at

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - The partners involved in the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability are beginning work on a series of projects that will benefit the Tri-County region.

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