Deer Management - Land Preservation Ordinance Update

Deer Management - Land Preservation 
Ordinance Update

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the beginning of October, hunting on the Land Preservation Properties was temporarily suspended as part of the 2012 Managed Deer Harvest. But after a recent Township Board meeting, hunting has resumed.

The Deer Management Program was implemented to combat the overpopulation of deer in the Township last year. However, there was confusion about the details of the program.

The Land Preservation section of the Zoning Ordinance contradicted itself.

The Township Board voted at their October 18th meeting to add detail to the ordinance, stating the Township is allowed to harvest deer in overpopulated areas.

Jane Greenway, Parks and Land Management Coordinator said, "the way that the land preservation ordinance read was that hunting was always allowable, not hunting, but managed hunting of animals due to overpopulation. But then in the next paragraph it said absolutely no hunting. So really it was always allowed in the zoning ordinance."

Hunting resumed on Land Preservation Properties on October 21st with the exception of the Foster Crouse Land Preserve due to other unresolved issues. A total of 20 deer have been harvested so far.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Watch Meridian Magazine to see what updates were implemented for the deer management program!

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