Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - While some Meridian Township residents enjoyed the foliage this year, others preferred removing leaves from their yard.

"I love the season of fall, I mean it's always been one of my favorite seasons. The leaves change colors, it's really pretty," said one MSU student.

"When you look out your window and you can see the colors of the leaves change and how beautiful it looks," said another MSU student.

But while some enjoy seeing their yards colored red and orange, others prefer to have their leaves removed.

"Granger offers a couple different options. They offer a one-time pick up of up to 15 brown paper bags for about $28.00. And they have a three-month subscription where you can put 6 bags a week I believe," said Leroy Harvey, recycling and energy coordinator for Meridian Township.

According to research conducted by Michigan State University, mowing up to six inches of leaves into your grass can help improve its quality.

"Well it's kind of nature's design. It's a way to recycle nutrients back into the ground and provides good for the plants and also helps retain moisture in the soil and kind of maintains soil health," Harvey said.

But if you're not a fan of nature's beauty, your neighbors might be able to help you out.

"A lot of times people also donate leaves to their neighbors," Harvey said.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Tune in to HOMTV to see how Meridian Township residents dealt with leaves in the yards this year!

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