Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Lansing Area Safety Council urges you to send your trick-or-treaters out safely this year. Here are some important safety tips from Suzy Carter, Executive Directer of Lansing Area Safety Council:

1) To avoid tripping and falling make sure your child's costume is not too long.

2) Try face paint rather than mask because most masks are too large for children and hinders their sight, especially at night.

3) Tape neon colored Duck Tape onto the backs of their costumes and on their shoes so that they are easily visible.

4) Check their candy before they enjoy it.

5) Attach your number, address, and the child’s name somewhere inside their costume.

6) Make a healthy meal for them before heading out so that they are not extremely tempted to dig into their candy without you checking it first.

7) Children should stay on sidewalks and out of the streets.

8) Teach your child to only go to homes with porch lights on only.

As residents passing out candy, Suzy Carter advises you to: leave a light on to let children know to come to your home, do a safety check to ensure their are no tripping hazards on your lawn, and most importantly try to avoid putting jack o’lanterns on your porch they are a big fire hazard. Instead use glow in the dark paints and glow sticks.

Sergeant Phelps with the East Lansing Police Department urges parents to teach their children to stay in groups and if lost contact a police officer or an parent in the area. He also urged parents to research child sex offenders in their trick-or-treating routes. You can do this by typing your area code in the child sex offender list online.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - To some kids, Halloween has been about spooky costumes, huge bags of candies, and racing to the next home to get more! Watch Meridian Magazine to find out ways to keep safe during the holiday.

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