Ingham County Health Services Millage

Ingham County Health Services Millage

UPDATE: INGHAM COUNTY - Kathy Holcomb, owner of Absolute Gallery in Old Town Lansing is self-employed. With high health care costs, getting coverage can be difficult, so Holcomb turned to the Ingham Health Plan.

"It's like probably comparable to the cream of the crop insurance I had when I was a state employee," Holcomb said.

In the upcoming election, residents will vote on a 0.52 mill millage to raise funds for the IHP.

While Holcomb is supportive, some are not supportive of raising taxes in the current economy. Don Vickers, Ingham County Commissioner says enough is enough when it comes to raising taxes.

"The Ingham Health Plan is an excellent program, but people are over-taxed from the property tax standpoint," Vickers said.

This proposal would increase the Constitutional limitation of the amount of property taxes which may be assessed each year against all the taxable real and personal property in Ingham County by up to 0.52 mills ($0.52 per thousand dollars of state taxable valuation) as new additional millage for a period of three years (2012-2014 inclusive). If levied in full, this millage would raise an estimated $3,349,707 in the first calendar year.

Voting yes on this proposal would support the levying of additional mills to provide health services to Ingham County residents. Voting no on this proposal would oppose providing these services.

ORIGINAL STORY: INGHAM COUNTY - If you are without health care, watch Meridian Magazine to see how a new county millage could help!

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