Daughters of American Revolution

Daughters of American Revolution

UPDATE: LANSING - As people get caught up in their daily lives, its easy to forget to appreciate our freedoms as Americans.

"It seems like we're getting to be less and less Americans so we want people to know about the American Flag, the Constitution, the beginning of our country," said Joanne Stahl, Parliamentarian of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

But a certain group of women in Lansing, make an event out of honoring our country.

"I do believe that the United States is the greatest county in the world. I think there are other good countries but i think there are something incredibly special about the U.S. and about the people who came here," said Carol Dunn, member of DAR.

They are the daughters of the American Revolution

"I like the commererodery, it was a lot of work to get into the DAR and its a nice patriotic organization and one way to honor my ancestors who served in the revolutionary war," said Anne Cruce, member of DAR.

So what does it take to become a member?

"You have to be able to prove your heritage to the revolutionary war," said Carol Barish, member of DAR

"When I did it, it was all grunt work you had to go to library you had to find a lot of information from family bibles, but now its much easier than it used to be," said Cruce.

So whats the future of a group that's connected to a war that happened over 250 years ago.

"The headquarters themselves have made sure that this is an organization that will be here for many many years to come," said Cruce.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Watch the Constitution Week Special Feature to find out about the daughters of the American Revolution.

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