Construction in Meridian Township

Construction in Meridian 

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Among many projects is the Park Lake Road and Burcham Drive construction site, where a roundabout is being built to improve traffic flow and safety in the area.

“The project was delayed. We originally thought it would be completed before the school started. We had some delays unfortunately. We had soil issues involving utility relocations that the East Lansing and Meridian Sewer and Water Authority had to do," said Rahman Shareef, public relations coordinator for the Ingham County Department of Transportation and Roads.

Shareef says the total cost of the roundabout is about $670,000.

"They're anticipating for that to be completed just after mid this month," said Shareef.

Since some projects are not on schedule, Shareef says township residents are asking when transportation routes will be back to normal.

"A lot of people have called and said you know, last time I checked you guys said it would be done before school, so just relaying this information has been typical duty here," Shareef said.

But this isn't the only ongoing project in Meridian Township. Construction on Park Lake Road and Haslett Road is also still underway.

“They plan to start repaving between Okemos Road and Marsh Road. They’ll start the paving of that concurrently. They’re actually trying to get the project done a little sooner than what we anticipated in late October," Shareef said.

Sidewalk repair projects can be seen around the township as well, but Shareef assures residents that businesses near repair areas will not be negatively affected.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Watch Meridian Magazine to see how construction workers are hurrying to finish road/sidewalk repairs!

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