New Rehab Wing

New Rehab Wing

UPDATE: EAST LANSING - The Burcham Hills assisted living community welcomes a new rehab wing to their facility.

You may have a grandparent, friend or neighbor in a retirement home or rehab center. Elaine Smythe is no stranger to rehabilitation.

"I'm learning to use my new knee, I've had a new knee put in," Smythe said.

Patients at Burcham Hills enjoy private rooms, bathrooms and service, and have a rehabilitation gym designed to help with quick recovery.

"The research has shown that with privacy you can sleep well, and heal better, and the goal is to have someone come in, rehab, and go home," said Pam Ditri, executive director at Burcham Hills.

Burcham Hills offers speech, occupational and physical therapy. All rehab is done in the therapy gym and it also features in-house therapists.

"So they would go down to therapy, and on a daily basis they would have several hours of therapy, or by case need, and then they would go in and the therapist would work one-on-one with them," Ditri said.

As health insurance changes or becomes more expensive, hospitals are quicker to discharge patients.

"The way it is now, they really want the hospitals to discharge quickly, so they discharge here. We always say we're like hospitals were 20 years ago," said Barbara Smith, operations director at Burcham Hills.

Rehab patients are excited about the new facility and believe it offers top of the line treatment.

"I find that this is just an excellent place to have rehabilitation. They have very good therapists here, they're very conscientious of everything," Smythe said.

Burcham Hills hosted an open house to show off the new rehab wing.

ORIGINAL STORY: EAST LANSING - Watch Senior Living to see why clients are excited about the new rehab wing at Burcham Hills!

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