Spartan Football Preview

Spartan Football Preview

UPDATE: EAST LANSING - The Spartan football team is preparing to dominate the Big Ten this season.

Under the glow of the new scoreboards the Spartans are preparing to rise to the top of the conference, and Coach Mark Dantonio said the Spartans are hungry.

"2009 was a season where we didn't have the depth that we have now. I think right now we have more depth, more solid depth on the defense, overall on the defense and at every position," Dantonio said.

The Spartans are 22-5 in the last two seasons with Rose Bowl hopes in their reach.

Andrew Maxwell will start as the new quarterback and the nationally known defense hopes to keep the Spartans at the top of the Big Ten.

"I like to throw curve balls at offenses and they have to think twice before they make their move if they know we have a lot of different moves we can make," said linebacker and special teams coach, Mike Tressel.

The offense is young, but Dantonio notes a few rising stars.

"Taybor Pepper is going to play, he's been very, very good," Dantonio said.

With Kirk Cousins' departure to the NFL, there are large shoes to fill for the new quarterbacks, but Dantonio has faith.

"I think Tyler O'Connor is ahead of the curve in terms of freshman quarterbacks. He has attention to detail and he's going to be a very good quarterback in the future," Dantonio said. "I think Connor Cook is still ahead of him and I think he did some good things as well."

With red shirt junior Blake Treadwell injured, offensive lineman Jack Allen has stepped up as well, according to Dantonio.

With a tough road schedule the Spartans hope to continue their winning traditions. MSU kicks of the season with a night game against Boise State on August 31.

ORIGINAL STORY: EAST LANSING - Coach Dantonio says the Spartans are hungry. Watch All Access Sports to see how the football team is preparing for the upcoming season!

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