Michigan School Aid Act

Michigan School Aid Act

UPDATE: LANSING - In Michigan, education funding is an issue on the minds of many policy makers.

Richard McLellan, a Lansing lawyer is working with Governor Snyder to revise the Michigan State School Aid Act.

"There's probably no public policy issue that effects more people than public education. It effects every pupil, every parent, every employer, teacher," said McLellan.

The state has a per-pupil allowance to fund school districts, but as of now if the student switches schools, that money does not follow them.

"People have to understand that not every answer in public education is more money," McLellan said.

So Governor Snyder along with his appointed help are working to revise how public education is funded in the future.

"One of the issues the governor has really pushed is what's called 'Any time, any place, any pace, any way.' He believes that if we're going to really compete in the twenty-first century and compete globally, we're going to have to have more opportunities for more people to get into college," McLellan said.

A focus is also being put on funding new technology.

"The governor's proposal includes more online opportunities throughout the entire public education system. So part of our challenge is to make the school financing law fit that," McLellan said.

Governor Snyder and McLellan believe with more online opportunities, transitioning to college will be smoother.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Watch Meridian Magazine to see what funding changes are coming to public education!

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