Youth Soccer Camp

Youth Soccer Camp

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A local soccer camp is teaching more than just soccer skills. Children are spending their week learning soccer skills with coaches from all over the world.

Tom Fite, director of On Goal says the camp offers a great experience for kids of all ages and skill levels.

"The great thing about On Goal too is that we have kids from all different abilities. Some have played all their lives, some have played a little bit, but with the right encouragement and atmosphere, the kids are learning and having fun and it's just a blast," said Fite.

Nancy Moore Park hosted the On Goal soccer camp that ran from July 10-14, but the kids are learning more than just soccer.

The First Baptist Church of Okemos has partnered with the On Goal soccer camp to attract fans of both soccer and their faith.

"We're here to run an exciting, fun soccer camp that is really not only a great time for the kids for them to learn great soccer skills from great coaches, but also to encourage kids in their relationship with God as well," Fite said.

The On Goal soccer camp occupies kids of all ages. Although it is a faith-based camp, everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy the summer fun.

"It's definitely very encouraging to see, especially when you have lower-skilled players and then they keep on working at different things throughout the week and then at the end of the week they master it," said Debrah.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Watch All Access Sports to see which local soccer camp is teaching more than just soccer skills!

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