Expanded Meridian Activity Center Uses

Expanded Meridian Activity Center 

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A local organization will soon be using the Meridian Activity Center to expand their services.

The Meridian Area Business Association, or MABA, will be using the M.A.C. for training and coaching to help expand business and other services. MABA provides resources for growing businesses in the area.

Meridian Township Manager, Jerry Richards says using the activity center will allow MABA to expand.

"The expanded use of the Meridian Activity Center will allow for more services and a better opportunity to help and assist entrepreneurs and new businesses who are trying to get off the ground," said Richards.

After taking on responsibilities of the Meridian Area Resource Center, MABA needed more space to expand services and will use the M.A.C. for those services.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Watch Meridian Magazine to see which local organization will soon occupy the Meridian Activity Center.

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