EDC Microloans

EDC Microloans

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A partnership was made between two organizations in effort to stimulate entrepreneurship in Meridian Township.

At Comerica Bank near the Meridian Mall for the partnership ceremony between the Meridian Township Economic Development Corporation and the entrepreneurial institution of mid-Michigan.

The EDC officially announced their partnership with the EIMM on July 10. Marsha Madle, board chair for the Meridian Township EDC says they want to lead the way in establishing an entrepreneurial culture in the township.

To do so, the EDC provides funding for start-up companies and small business who can't get traditional bank funding. Now with its partnership with the EIMM, the EDC can directly find small businesses and support the entrepreneurial culture they are trying to cultivate.

"Now we can give back specifically to our Meridian Township small business and entrepreneurs, and we have businesses that are home-based and this could provide them the opportunity with just the small amount of capital sometimes that they may need to go to the next level," Madle said.

Denise Peek, the executive director for EIMM says partnering with the EDC allows them to expand their services and give entrepreneurs more access to capital to grow their businesses.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Local organizations are promoting entrepreneurship in Meridian Township. Watch Meridian Magazine to see which organizations are making a difference for small businesses.

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