Practicing in Summer Heat

Practicing in Summer Heat

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - People all over Michigan are finding ways to beat the extreme heat, but when you're an athlete it can be a real challenge.

The fields smell of dry grass and sweat as rosy-cheeked children gulp down their water bottles.

Greg Grothous, Recreation Specialist for Meridian Township says young athletes often don't recognize when the heat is affecting them.

"With the younger kids they don't really know when they're thirsty or when they're getting too hot, they just want to go play," Grothous said.

While some are trying to keep cool, youth and adult sports teams are still playing in the extreme heat. With temperatures rising above 100 recently, several youth games were cancelled, according to Grothous.

"Kind of our general rule of thumb is an actual air temperature of 95 degrees or a heat index or air temperature and heat index combined of 100 or more," Grothous said.

But adult athletes must know whether or not they can stand the heat.

"With adults we expect them to know what their limits are and take it easy and have plenty of water available," Grothous said.

Some players agree.

"Rest and hydration is the key to this, and practice also," said Joe Szabo, a local softball player.

Summer sports leagues that play and Nancy Moore Park are struggling with the dead, dry grass that covers the fields. The grass is lacking hydration just like many athletes that are playing in dangerously hot conditions.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Summer athletes are battling with extreme heat lately. See how they are surviving on Meridian Magazine!

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