Senior Protection Legistlation

Senior Protection Legistlation

UPDATE: LANSING - One of the fastest growing but under reported crimes in our state is getting more attention on a legislative level.

Governor Rick Snyder signed a ten bill package this week in order to help protect seniors and vulnerable adults.

"Seniors grew up in an era where people were good to one another and they were not easy prey like they are now" comments Elaine Crane, an East Lansing senior citizen.

Part of the package includes strengthening penalties for those who are convicted of taking advantage of the elderly.

Lieutenant Greg Frenger of Meridian Township spoke with HOMTV about the new legislation."A stiffer penalty is important, allowing victims to testify by video will also be a big help because some of them simply cannot make it to a court room conveniently or safely."

The bill encourages people to report elder abuse, something that is often kept silent to law enforcement.

Lieutenant Frenger offered his advice on how to prevent these terrible acts against the elderly. "The most important thing in being able to detect these crimes, because I think a lot of them do go undetected, is to be close with your loved ones that are receiving this kind of care but are not under your direct supervision."

The abuse these vulnerable adults face is both physical issues like neglect and financial attacks like embezzlement.

To help protect your loved ones, report any fraudulent activity to the police department, where they have helpful information about how to spot a scam.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Find out how Governor Snyder is protecting the senior citizens in our state on Meridian Magazine and Senior Living.

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