Water Polo Coach of the Year

Water Polo Coach of the Year

UPDATE: OKEMOS - Matt Latham earned the Coach of the Year award with the Okemos women's water polo team after taking them to the state finals.

"When it came I was pretty happy, but in all honesty, it's the kids that really do all the work," Latham said.

The Chiefs went 28-7 this season, making it to the state finals game where they lost 7-5 to Rockford.

"Ideally next year I would like to win the state championship. You know, getting there was quite an accomplishment and we lost to a very good team in Rockford, but obviously the ultimate goal is we would like to get back there and win it," Latham said. "Somebody actually joked with me that in my first year it's probably a good thing I didn't win it, because then I would have nothing to shoot for."

As a first year coach of the women's team, Latham has had to make many adjustments, but as the coach of the year, he has still found success.

"He did a really good job getting to know us and figuring out how we best learn stuff in the water," said Nikki Baron, the goalie for Okemos.

Latham says his coaching style has adapted to coaching the women's team.

"That's really the ultimate thing, just motivate them. Get better, try harder, and the rest takes care of itself," Latham said.

Latham has been coaching since he was an MSU student, and now coaches the Okemos High School water polo teams, as well as the Spartan Water Polo Club and the Olympic development team.

Latham says this season exceeded his expectations, and he is looking forward to coaching next year.

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS - An Okemos High School coach received the Coach of the Year award! Catch the details on All Access Sports, on HOMTV.

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