Employee Internet Policy

Employee Internet Policy

UPDATE: LANSING - While employers may still be able to ask for employee's personal internet account information, Michigan legislature may be changing all that. A new House bill was drafted that would prohibit employers and educational institutions from having access to people's private accounts.

This act is known as the "Internet Privacy Protection Act". While some people fear having to show their Facebook profile at job interviews, the new act would protect the applicant from having to "disclose information that allows access to the applicant's personal internet account." The punishment for violating the bill would be a fine of up to a thousand dollars.

However, there is a catch, not everything is safe from employer's eyes. The employer can request access if the electronic communication device in use was paid for by the employer, if the employee is sharing confidential information about the company or if there is specific information about illegal activities like underage drinking.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - What would you do if your employer asked for your Facebook account information? Or wanted to see everything you've posted on Twitter? Watch Meridian Magazine for more information.

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