Summer Recreation Donations

Summer Recreation Donations

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It sits in a quiet neighborhood, but the Snell-Towar Recreation Center is bustling with kids enjoying the Summer Playground Program.

"It's a really great place for kids to come during the day while their parents are at work so they're not just sitting at home all day playing video games. They get out here, we play games, we're active, we do stuff. And it's just a great way to kind of know what's going on with kids in the community," said Emily Bird, camp supervisor.

The Summer Playground Program was funded by the township's general fund, but Greg Grothous, recreation specialist for Meridian Township, says when cuts were made three years ago, the program was the first to go.

"The program costs us $15,000 a year and brings in no revenue, so it's an easy cut," Grothous said.

Grothous says neighborhood associations and others in the community were dedicated to keeping the program running.

Grothous says the community still sees a need to continue such a program, and losing funding would be devastating to some of the disadvantaged children in the area who can't afford traditional summer camps.

"That would be a big loss for kids in the community. I think that they would just sit at home all day and not really have anything to do," Bird said.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - One Meridian Township recreation center is providing free summer activities for kids, and get this, they run the entire program off donations! Check out the details on Meridian Magazine, on HOMTV.

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