MABA Cash Mob Invades Okemos Cartridge World

MABA Cash Mob Invades Okemos 
Cartridge World

UPDATE: OKEMOS - One Okemos business is experiencing the benefits of a cash mob. A cash mob invaded Cartridge World in effort to boost sales and support local business.

According to, over two-thirds of money spent at local businesses stays in the local economy.

Scott Ferrigan, owner of Cartridge world, says events like this are great for networking with potential customers.

"By doing an event like this, you can get an influx of business into your business and hopefully build relationships with those customers which will then turn into repeat business in the future."

People that participate in cash mobs believe in the power of buying local. The Michigan Area Business Association schedules cash mobs, where buyers come into small business at a set time and date, and spend a designated about of money at that business.

Ferrigan says cash mobs are a great way to raise awareness about local businesses in addition to boosting sales and networking with local buyers.

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS - Watch Meridian Magazine to learn how one local business used an interesting method to boost sales and network with customers.

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