Elder Fall Prevention

Elder Fall Prevention

UPDATE: LANSING - As people get older...physical changes, health conditions, and medications can make falls more likely. And a local center is taking this issue seriously.

ALFA also known as Active Living For Seniors, organizes a gentle exercise program to prevent falls. Joyce Breedlove is a registered nurse at ALFA and she says exercising is very important to maintain their balance.

When a new participant comes, the center does an assessment to decide if they are at fall risk or not. The assessment will give them clues as to what the medical conditions are and what kinds of mediation they are taking that can possibly cause dizziness. If an individual score high enough in this test, the ALFA consider a "Fall RIsk."

Walkers, canes, and wheel chairs help seniors balance but the most commonly used equipment at ALFA is gait belts.

Gait belt is important for caretakers because it gives something sturdy to hang on without injuring anyone.

Although gait belts benefit many seniors from falling, the most efficient way comes from regular exercising.

"You don't want those joints tighten up because that will definitely affect the balance," says Breedlove.

For more information regards ALFA, call 517-337-4611.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - A local center gives tips on how to prevent falls. Watch Senior Living for the details.

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