Village of Okemos Redevelopment Fund Request

Village of Okemos Redevelopment Fund Request

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN - This Tuesday, the Meridian Township Board Meeting occurred, where members of the board discussed the Village of Okemos Redevelopment Fund Request. Amber Clark introduced and summarized the request, intending to discuss the project and its future. Clark elaborated on the needed financial support for the Meridian Redevelopment Fund on this project, which the Economic Development Corporation recommended not to exceed 1.25 million dollars. Clark explained many other elements to the program as well, such as the approval process and the parking garage, as well as the history of how the project developed to its current point.

Eric Heltzer from Advanced Redevelopment Solutions also went into detail regarding the project and how the movement will earn back revenue for the Township to be used for potentially future projects. He stated, “So this is going to improve all of those public facilities that are aging, failing, very dysfunctional, not to code, we have a lot of storm issues in this area as well. So all of these improvements would eventually need to be made, but this is the time to make them now.”

Township Board Treasurer, Phil Deschaine, is hopeful about the project and the direction the development is going toward. Township Clerk Deborah Guthrie and Trustee Courtney Wisinski asked questions and discussed the numerous aspects of the infrastructure, such as parking.

All members of the Meridian Township Board agreed unanimously to continue discussing the project for the future.

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