Delta Dental Chef Helps Others Prepare Holiday Meals Over the Phone

Delta Dental Chef Helps Others Prepare Holiday Meals Over the Phone

OKEMOS - Delta Dental is one of the largest dental plan administrators in the nation and one of its headquarters is right here in Okemos. The building, located at 4100 Okemos Rd, also has a cafeteria-like area where people can find Chef Alessandra Nicholls behind the counter.

Nicholls has been with Delta Dental for 4 years and said she has no plan for leaving anytime soon.

"They've been supportive since the day that I walked in the door and continued to," Nicholls said. "And I had my shares of ups and downs, and they're there through it all."

The family-like community of Delta Dental is what led the chef to help employees over Thanksgiving.

She handed out a business card with the title, "Turkey Talk with Chef Al", with her phone number for people to call.

She said she received over 40 phone calls during the Thanksgiving holiday and the biggest question involved the turkey.

"Almost every single question was how long do they cook their turkey for," Nicholls said. "And it was every variation between I’ve got two turkey breasts with no bones, or I have one big turkey breast with bones. But that was what every single question was. [It] was how long to cook it for.”

The advice she gave them was to brine the turkey the night before and follow this rule.

"12 minute per pound is a good rule to go by," Nicholls said.

After the success of her Thanksgiving chats, Chef Al said she wants to open up her services to the Lansing area for the holiday season.

"Anyone who needs any help at all, no matter what it is about their holiday meals, feel free to call or text and I will be available this Christmas season."

She said you can call or text: 517.888.3367 for help preparing your holiday meal.


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