Meridian Township Police Looking For Suspect Connected To Armed Robberies

Meridian Township Police Looking For Suspect Connected To Armed Robberies

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Many businesses in Meridian Township have been robbed recently by the same individual according to the Meridian Township Police Department.

Police say to be on the lookout for a white or light skinned male around 6 feet tall, who is carrying a backpack or a cross body bag and wearing all dark clothing. The suspect had on a sweatshirt with the hood up to cover their face and a mask as well.

Meridian Township Police Department's Captain Rick Grillo said the majority of the robberies occurred at convenience stores after or near closing time with no customers inside the stores.

Grillo said employees should follow these points in order to keep themselves safe:
- If the suspect is asking for money, cooperate.
- Try to have two people working during the night shift.
- Close and lock all doors at closing time and do not let anyone in. If someone is trying to get in, call the police.
- Stay aware of your surroundings. Stay observant as a witness, try to remember where the suspect was last seen, what clothing they were wearing, etc.
- After a robbery, lock the doors and do not touch anything. Wait for the police to arrive

Thankfully no one has been physically hurt from these robberies, Grillo said. The department has been monitoring the areas of the latest robberies.

"Meridian Township is a very safe community," Grillo said. "This is something that doesn't happen very often and just know that we are using the resources we have to help solve these crimes."

The police department is still investigating the armed robberies and advises anyone with information to contact Investigator Dan King at 517-853-4800 or email at

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