Radmoor Montessori Green Infrastructure Project from Township Green Grant

Radmoor Montessori Green Infrastructure Project from Township Green Grant

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN - Radmoor Montessori School has been working on a new project, which would allow students to better understand the environment that is around them. The school received a grant from the Meridian Township for this project, which will implement numerous forms of activities and learning for the students. This includes bee boxes, bat houses and nature trails.

Davis Coye met with HOMTV to discuss the many developments in detail. The school yard of around 9 acres has been working to complete these fun projects and have made a significant amount of progress. However, the project is still being worked on, with the assistance of many volunteers, students, extremely helpful local vendors and the Meridian Township.

The entire school is ecstatic and very thankful for the amazing support they have received. Radmoor Montessori strives to create a place for their students to not only learn of the environment, but to maintain it firsthand with the help of their teachers.

The school wants to thank these specific vendors, along with the many that helped Radmoor with this project:
Johnson Sign Company
Dan Harris
Go Grow Plant Natives
Wildtype Native Plants Wildtype
Ingham Conservation District
Harris Nature Center
and Hammond Farms!

This elaborate and thoughtful project is on its way, with an ecstatic team leading it.

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A fall yard in the schoolyard of Radmoor Montessori School.


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