Meridian Township Resident Survey Results

Meridian Township Resident Survey Results

OKEMOS - On September 21, the Township Board meeting revealed the survey results carried out to the residents of Meridian Township that the Cobalt Research Community did over two mailing cycles sent out in July and August 2021.

The survey results were recorded and presented to the Township Board members through a 53-page presentation discussed by William SaintAmour from the not-for-profit Cobalt Research Coalition.

The survey focuses on providing feedback based on the priority of needs addressed by the residents chosen to participate in the survey. The residents selected were a portion of a random sample picked by the Township. In addition, the survey was open to residents who were not part of the random sample which brings the total amount of responses to 452 responses, 66 of which are residents who were not part of the original sample of 1500 residents.

In comparison to other areas in Michigan and around the nation, Meridian Township had scored a 4.9 out of 6 on the point scale system, which translates to 78% on the American Customer Satisfaction Index or ACSI, which measured the satisfaction of residents living in Meridian Township based on the total amount of responses submitted regarding the different categories tied to the living standards in Meridian Township.

2021 major drivers included Township services, community image, public works, police services, and transportation infrastructure. Results displayed strong themes of improved and expanded walking and cycling infrastructure in addition to Township safety, parks, and public schools.

About 66% of responses support a millage for broadband with the current median monthly cost of $90 for residents, and over 80% of residents supported a continuation of the deer management program. Furthermore, 64 individuals reported interest in participating in potential future planning workshops, focus groups, and similar conversations. For more information visit HOMTV’s YouTube channel to watch the full meeting.

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