Construction On Shaw Street Continues

Construction On Shaw Street Continues

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Construction has begun on Shaw Street in Meridian Township. The initial construction started the week of July 19, but still continues.

Meridian Township is working on this construction in collaboration with the Ingham County Parks Department, Ingham County Road Department and the Ingham County Drain Commissioner's Office.

Nyal Nunn, a senior project engineer for Meridian Township, said that Meridian Township joining this project makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

"Meridian Township has a local road program which will be resurfacing almost nine miles on 35 streets this year," Nunn said over email. "As such, it makes sense for the Township to include Shaw Street under our road project, in order to more closely coordinate the road paving and trail construction."

The project includes paving Shaw Street as well as installing a trail along the street.

Nunn said the road construction is being funded through the Meridian Township Street Improvement Bond. The trail project is being jointly funded through the Ingham County Trails and Parks Millage and the Meridian Township Pathway Millage.

The project will be completed in four phases according to the township:
1. The base course of asphalt will be installed on Shaw Street.
2. The concrete trail will be installed along the street.
3. The top course of asphalt will be installed on the street.
4. Gravel shoulders will be installed along the edges of new pavement and completing driveway and lawn restoration.

The road will be open to traffic, when asphalt is placed, no one will be able to cross it in a period of around an hour.

Nunn said this project will greatly help the community and residents on Shaw Street and the trail will help connect other trails throughout the county.

"The trail project along Shaw Street will benefit all Ingham County residents by providing a non-motorized connection to Lake Lansing Park South and eventually out to Lake Lansing Park North, the MSU Campus and the Lansing River Trail," Nunn said.


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