Township Board Passes Paramedic Sponsorship

Township Board Passes Paramedic Sponsorship

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board met on Tuesday, July 20th, and discussed the possibility of sponsoring paramedic training for a firefighter candiddate in Meridian Township.

In Meridian Township, all firefighters are also paramedics. Currently, there is a shortage of paramedics across the state and country. In order for the Meridian Township Fire Department to recruit firefighter/paramedics, they are looking at different ways to fully staff the Department.

The proposed 16 month paramedic program would take place at the Ascension Genesys Hospital and include clinical training in ambulances and hospitals. The selected individual would receive fully paid tuition and an hourly salary to attend the training. The cost to Meridian Township to sponsor an individual to paramedic school is $14,702.

“This has worked well for our police department in the past, I think it’s a fantastic idea. We are lacking skilled trades all over. Our EMT’s are so very important,” said Township Trustee Courtney Wisinski.

The training program requires a 3 year commitment, or a full payment back if the individual drops out. A representative from the police department emphasized this is not likely, as this is a similar program they offer in recruiting police officers.

“Someone’s got to be very dedicated to sit down and go through this program…It’s a very difficult test at the end.”

The motion passed unanimously with a vote of 7-0.

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